Your Pathway to Strategic Procurement


Public Procurement Training Seminars

Promoting the Procurement Function - One Day Seminar - Offered through the Institute for Public Procurement (NIGP)

A strong procurement agency provides support to its clients and achieves savings for the entity. Internal customers who look to the procurement function as a partner achieve greater success.  This course will provide techniques to successfully promote procurement efforts among stakeholders and gain support from both upper management and elected officials.

Promoting the Public Procurement function is a complex task, much more complex than most practitioners anticipate. With several target markets to reach, more than one customer base to satisfy, the promotion of the public procurement function will be challenging. For those who have a vision and are ready to lead, as well as take some risks; the rewards are abundant and the stature of public procurement can be raised to new levels

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify what procurement should be promoting and to whom
  • Develop Procurement's "Value" message
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of using social media
  • Develop a Marketing/Promotional Communications Plan
  • Monitor and evaluate the success of your Marketing/Promotion efforts

Module 1: Why Promote the Procurement Function?
  • To address Procurement’s Problems
  • To build relationships, Internal and External
  • To create stakeholder value and improve customer satisfaction
  • To gain support of upper management and elected officials
  • To promote Procurement’s value to the organization
  • To Recover from Negative Publicity

Module 2: What should Procurement Promote? - Who’s the Audience?
  • What should procurement market?
  • Procurement’s Value
  • Procurement’s Relationships
  • Procurement’s Products and Services
  • Identifying Unique Perceived Benefits
  • Who is procurement’s audience?
    • Identifying Procurement’s Customer Groups or Target Audiences
  • Promoting Procurement’s Value to the Organization
    • What is value?
    • Develop Procurement’s Value Proposition
  • Key elements to consider

Module 3: Applying Marketing Theory to Procurement
  • Marketing Theory
    • Marketing Theory and how it relates to Procurement
    • Market Segmentation, Target Market Selection and Positioning
    • Branding the procurement function
  • Relationship Marketing Theory
    • Creating Stakeholder Value
    • Creating Value for the Organization
    • Integrating Quality, Customer Service and Marketing

Module 4: The Social Media Mix

  • Defining Social Media Marketing
  • Social content-sharing services

    • Blogs
    • Video – YouTube, Vimeo,, Ustream
    • Images – Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, SlideShare
  • Social networking services
    • Facebook
    • Google+
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
  • Understanding the benefits of Social Media
  • Understanding the Cons of Social Media
  • Integrating Social Media into your overall Marketing/Promotion Effort
  • Plotting your Social Media Strategy
  • Building your Social Media Marketing Dream Team

Module 5: Creating a Marketing/Promotion Communications Plan

  • Understanding Your Customers
  • Define the Objective(s)
  • Identify the Target Audience
  • Use your Value Proposition
  • Setting Marketing Goals
  • Determining Your Marketing Medium(s)

    • The Social Media Mix?
  • Developing Your Timetable and Implementation Plan
  • Creating the Marketing/Promotion Plan Template
  • Assign Responsibility for the Plan


Module 6: Monitor, Measure and Evaluate Your Success

  • When and How the Marketing/Promotion effort will be measured
  • Revise your plan as necessary