Your Pathway to Strategic Procurement


Public Procurement Training Seminars

The Role of Technology in Procurement - One Day Seminar

The goal of this one-day workshop is to help procurement professionals at all levels gain a detailed knowledge of the various procurement technologies currently available and the role information technology should play in the procurement process.

By the end of this training course participants will be able to:

  • Understand how technology can make the procurement function more efficient

  • Understand the standards for Technology in Public Procurement

  • Be knowledgeable of procurement technology terms and vocabulary

  • Define available procurement technologies

  • Be able to use Spend Analysis and Data Aggregation Systems

  • Understand how to track Return of Investment for implementing procurement technologies

  • Identify Best Practices in the use of procurement technology in the public sector

Module 1: Introduction to Procurement Technology

    • How technology can help
    • Staying up to date
    • Don’t Miss Out

Module 2: NIGP/CIPS Standard – Technology in Public Procurement

    • Benefits of Technology in Procurement
    • E-Procurement Terms and Vocabulary

Module 3: Procurement Technologies

    • E-Procurement
    • Strategic Sourcing
    • Contract Management
    • Vendor Portals
    • Punch-outs
    • Supplier Management
    • MWBE Tracking

Module 4: Solicitation Notification and Distribution

    •  Bid Distribution Systems
    • Electronic RFQ Systems

Module 5: Spend Analysis and Data Aggregation Systems

Module 6: Bid/Proposal Evaluation Software

Module 7: Cooperative Contract Databases

Module 8: Return on Investment (ROI)

Module 9: Best Practices