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Public Procurement Training Seminars

Setting Others Up for Success - Internal Customer Service for the Procurement Function - One Day Seminar

This workshop was designed to help staff improve collaboration with colleagues and other internal customers as a keystone for improving their performance in today's competitive workplace environment. Using a self-assessment tool, participants discover their dominant communication style and learn how to adapt that style to work more effectively with others. The course will help participants improve their communication skills, make good first impressions, set the right expectations, manage themselves, and build collaboration skills. After attending this workshop, participants will be able to work more effectively with colleagues and team members.

By the end of this training course participants will be able to:

  • Listen, ask questions, and interpret nonverbal messages more effectively.
  • Set and manage expectations of colleagues and team members.
  • Communicate assertively.
  • Adapt their communication style and manage their behavior for more productive work relationships.
  • Map out workflow between colleagues.
  • Analyze current workflow and identify how to improve efficiency.

Module 1: Communicate clearly and confidently:

  •  Importance of clear communication - How well do you communicate?
  •  The 5 Basic Principles of communication.
  •  Focus on Behavior not personality.
  •  Be Specific.
  •  Use the power of questions.
  •  Listen Actively.
  •  Communicate Assertively.

Module 2: Working Better together:

  •  Importance of working as a team.
  •  Internal customers are customers too.
  •  Managing Internal customers’ expectations.
  •  Understanding Internal customers behavioral styles.
  •  The 4 Major behavioral styles and flexing your style.
  •  Mapping your internal network.
  •  Giving the message of 'I Care' when passing work.