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Invest in Yourself - Time Management for the Procurement Professional

Posted on March 16, 2018 at 9:35 PM

March is Purchasing month and there is no better time to invest in yourself; as you are your greatest asset. What you do with your time, and how you manage yourself, your environment and your relationships, will result in being more productive or less productive.

Time is the great equalizer. Really successful people have the same amount of time as the rest of us. We all have 86,400 seconds or 1440 minutes each day; however we all do not use them to our maximum advantage, and we do not invest them wisely. Why are some people more successful than others? Some may say luck, some may say hard work. One common thread among really successful people is they have become experts at managing time, their environment and their relationships.

Managing time may sound easy, but the fact is, it can be quite challenging. The main challenge we all face is simply taking control of our "time". We are swamped with distractions in our workplace, at home, and even from old habits that leave events, people and circumstances controlling our time. As Procurement professionals we must continually manage multiple priorities.

So during Procurement Month, take some time to assess just how well you are using your time. See how you:

  • Recognize personal strengths and any shortcomings in your approach to managing time as a crucial resource.
  • Organize yourself and your work-space for better efficiency.
  • Take control of your time and make improvements to your daily routine.
  • Set goals and use different time planning methods.
  • Identify time bandits, assess priorities, and handle time related stress more effectively.
  • Use best practice delegation steps.

Managing what we do, and how we do it, can help us be more productive with the time we have. First we have to invest in ourselves, our greatest asset, to provide the skills needed in today's fast paced procurement world.

Celebrate Purchasing Month by investing in yourself. Read some articles, attend a seminar, host a round-table discussion with your peers. Be proud of the value you add to your organization through the procurement process.

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