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High Energy, Interactive Training Programs

Developing Key Competencies for Future Public

Procurement Leaders

ProcurePath specializes in public procurement training seminars geared toward public sector employees at the State and Local government level; including Procurement Officials & staff; School Business Officials, Public Works Officials & Staff and IT Directors & staff.

Seminar attendees

ProcurePath's mission is to develop public procurement competencies that will ensure efficient and ethical procurement processes. Our Public Procurement Training Seminars will lead you down the pathway to Strategic Public Procurement.

Making the right purchase; at the right time; at the right cost, for the goods and services that your organization needs, requires impeccable skill and in-depth knowledge. The lack of which may put your agency at risk for legal compliance and financial loss due to non-compliant and inefficient procurement processes.

Let ProcurePath keep you on the right track.

Why Choose Us?

We follow a training format that promotes a relaxed educational environment for our clients. Our Public Procurement Training Seminars are packed with fun and hands-on activities, exercises, and games that ensure all participants are fully engaged. In addition, we apply the latest training concepts to keep our participants a step above competition.

With extensive years of experience in Public Procurement, we are able to provide you with quality, professional, and innovative public procurement training seminars, as well as consulting services, that meet your high standards.

Let us help you maximize return on your training investment. Get in touch with us today to discuss your procurement training goals.

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